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upwards of 20 minutes. in that interview, goulet suddenly surprised the officers, produced a weapon and shot and killed them within seconds. goulet did that with his own .45-caliber handgun, which was registered to him. we now know that the detectives had absolutely no chance to protect themselves or return fire. >> reporter: and they were not wearing bulletproof vests. in fact, after the shooting, goulet was wearing baker's vest. he had stolen that from the car according to investigators. goulet took off directly after the shooting and then within half an hour tried to return home but he was blocked by a fire truck. so he was not able to do that and that's what started the second barrage of shooting. we're also learning more about goulet. he was officially fired from his job at a coffee shop last week and it was a product of the sex investigation that
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started this whole incident. he is also been arrested for rape in hawaii and in his possession when officers discovered his body, was a passport and an airplane ticket to new mexico. so that's all part of the investigation as to his motive. as we hear more about what happened on tuesday, more stories are emerging of the heroes who may have saved lives. each day, the memorial outside of santa cruz police headquarters grows. >> i was really sad. so i just had to come and pay my respects. >> reporter: sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed on tuesday when they came to branciforte avenue to question a suspect in a sexual assault investigation. 35-year-old jeremy goulet a former marine whose father described him as a ticking time bomb. officers say he opened the door and started firing at the officers fatally shooting them both them stole their guns, unmarked car and took off. the fire department tried to
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save the officers. >> we were outside the perimeter of the incident in what we felt at the time was a safe area and the situation was obviously escalated and changed very rapidly. >> reporter: the shooter came back and bullets were flying everywhere. this fire truck took at least four rounds. you can see the bullet holes in the front and the side doors. still marked as evidence in this investigation. as the shooting continued, eight firefighters ducked and shielded other people from harm. >> very traumatic event. it's not something that happens generally in the course of your career and we have to help our personnel deal with that. >> reporter: officers ended up shooting and killing goulet a block from his home. today santa cruz police officers are returning to work but none are yet patrolling the streets. other departments are helping out instead. >> it's been very difficult for me personally and we are grieving the loss right now in the department. >> reporter: there's been a lot of talk about funeral
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arrangements. of course there's going to be some sort of large service at some point in the coming days. no details on that yet. but police say that they will release that information later on this afternoon at a news conference at 3:00. of course, kpix 5 will be bringing you the latest as that comes in. right now live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> we also learned today four officers eventually shot and killed the gunman. where are those officers right now? >> reporter: they are on paid administrative leave and actually the chief wanted to stress that was nondisciplinary leave. he doesn't want anybody to infer that they were at all -- were part of, you know, an investigation of their own. he says that is obviously standard procedure when they go through something this traumatic. >> all right. anne makovec live in santa cruz, thank you. well, the other big story today is the end of an era for the roman catholic church. pope benedict xvi set down a
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few hours ago. [ church bells tolling ] >> a white helicopter transported benedict to a 17th century palace. he will return to vatican city as pope emeritus, the first pope to retire in nearly 6 centuries. this historic event is drawing bay area catholics to church in the middle of the week. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran went to mass this morning at st. mary's in san francisco where she asked catholics about their hopes for the future. >> reporter: archbishop john quinn opened this morning's mass calling this a historic moment for catholics. >> resignation was an act of faith. >> reporter: it was a special day of mass to celebrate pope benedict on the final day of his pontificate.
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worshippers were thankful and no feelings of animosity. >> i had read some of his books and in those reflections he mentioned about the fact that, you know, possibly this might be his decision if god chose and wanted him to do that. he is a faithful pope and he listens carefully. >> i think he did the right thing. he is not feeling well. he is not strong enough so he thinks that nowadays, a new blood is needed so why not. >> reporter: catholics now eager to see who will take his place. one parishoner says whoever is chosen should be reflective of the catholic population. >> the majority of the catholics in the world are hispanics and latinos. i definitely think this time should be given an opportunity to latino american cardinal. >> reporter: another said it's
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about finding someone who will stick to the teachings of the church. >> someone who should reflect the teachings of the church. >> reporter: he surrendered to his faith and he should be held in high regard for that. reporting in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> pope benedict sent one more tweet promoting the church on social media. he took the opportunity to thank catholics saying thank you for your love and support. may you always experience the joy that comes from putting christ at the center of your life. as you might imagine, an emotional day in vatican city today. cbs reporter vinita nair with the pontiff's sendoff from the cardinals and catholics. >> reporter: pope benedict left the vatican for the last time as pontiff. vatican staff lined the courtyard and applauded. he flew to a retreat south of rome to begin his retirement.
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he spoke in italian to a crowd of cheering supporters from the balcony of the 17th century palace. >> father, son and holy ghost. >> reporter: this morning, he gave a final blessing to the cardinals who will elect a new pope. one of them will be his successor. he promised his unconditional rev reference and obedience to the next pope. he urged the cardinals to work together like an orchestra as they choose the next leader of the church. the cardinals paid their final respect to benedict kissing his ring before saying good-bye. cardinal george from chicago wanted his farewell to be personal. >> i know he's always being thanked for his great magisterium and witness. i thanked him for his friendship. >> reporter: cardinal george hopes the conclave will work quickly to name a new pope when he convenes next month. he doesn't know who he will vote for. >> i have four or five names in mind. that's part of the next days'
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work. >> reporter: as night descended at the retreat, swiss guards shut the palace doors signalling the official end of benedict's reign. vinita nair, cbs news, vatican city. federal budget cuts are set to kick in about 9 hours from now. we are seeing no signs of movement on sequester stalemate. the cuts would total $85 billion. the senate is expected to vote today on competing democratic and republican plans. neither bill is expected to pass. in california, some 64,000 civilian defense workers could be furloughed and other cuts could dampen california's recovery. >> this is not a cliff, but it is a tumble downward. this is going to be a big hit on the economy. >> the president will meet with congressional leaders so the possibility of reaching a deal to avoid the across-the-board cuts seems unlikely. the meetings are set for tomorrow, after the $85 billion in cuts take effect.
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and with the sequester looming overhead, some investors are waiting to see how it might impact the stock market. you can see here though the dow is up about 28 points. well, some bragging rights for the husband and wife who like to travel. still to come, an out-of-this- world date for that special couple. >> whoa,whoa,whoa! >> and talk about a sore loser. justice for the kid who was tripped by a hockey coach. coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. sure, it feels like spring outside right now. but we have some wintry weather likely to make a comeback. we'll tell you when coming up.
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of better economic times .... or more likely a big waste of money. ar company has a n
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it may be a sign of better economic times or more likely a big waste of money. a luxury car company has a new set of wheels for their babies. this is a $3,000 stroller by aston martin and they have made 800 of these strollers to be sold exclusively at harrod's in london. the logo is all over the stroller so everyone will know how much you love your baby. does that show love? i don't know. >> waste of money. >> that shows you have too much money. justice for the kid who was tripped by a youth hockey coach in canada. >> it was all caught on tape. here it is, watch. >> can you believe that? the video went viral last summer after the coach tripped a 13-year-old player at the tail end of the post-game handshake. the boy broke his wrist. the coach has been sentenced to
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over 2 weeks in jail for his unsportsmanlike behavior. the judge not impressed with that guy at all. >> that is not cool! because the coaches are there to show them how to play and how to -- >> if you are out there to demonstrate who you're supposed to be like -- >> he flipped off the entire bench of the other team after that. >> that man should not be coaching anymore. we have to get you guys some lunch because you're obviously hungry. i heard your stomachs grumbling already! good day to get outdoors if you can. lots of sunshine out there right now. looking good over the bay. a few high clouds drifting overhead. the temperatures warming up in a hurry. today 64 in concord. 64 in livermore. 60 in san francisco. and 62 degrees in san jose. yeah, speaking of san jose, overlooking there right now, looking great into the afternoon. lots of sunshine, a couple of patches of fog out toward the immediate coastline tonight maybe a few low clouds. i think we are headed toward a
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warm day tomorrow and changes on the weekend. pollen count still moderate. nice warm temperatures out there, trees blooming now so a lot of folks are sneezing and sniffling around the bay area. high pressure, well, it is strengthening somewhat. tomorrow warmer in many spots so we max out top in the mid- 70s around parts of the bay area. it's going to be warm. about 69 degrees very nice in san jose. 71 in morgan hill. and 60 degrees in pacifica. 71 in brentwood, 70 pleasant hill, 72 in the napa valley, 68 degrees the expected high into oakland and about 65 degrees in san francisco. couple of patches of fog overnight tonight, otherwise 40s and some 50s. so staying very mild. and then look at tomorrow, what a day it's going to be. mid-70s way above normal and we'll cool down over the weekend, slight chance of showers saturday night into sunday a couple of sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge
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and better chance of significant rainfall late tuesday into wednesday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. time to eat now. tony tantillo is in the house with a delicious meal, it's all about pasta. >> reporter: we're in the tie section today and i saw this pasta at the market and i said we have to make this. it's a large pasta that sticks. we cook it up, saute san marzano tomatoes and you gave it a twist. >> i put the long hot italian peppers on there. put some peas in and then only cook the pasta for about 8 minutes and then the rest of it cooks in the sauce because it's so thick. so it will stay al dente when you out it in the sauce. that's a secret. so it will stay al dente when you put it in the sauce. we add the cheese. it will melt. or cheese on top. that's it.
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a touch bit of parsley. >> do you want to put a drizzle of olive oil? >> since you're going to make me. >> look at that. >> a drizzle of olive oil. delicious, thank you for the idea with the long italian pepper. beautiful. ciao, everybody. providing comfort to those surviving on the streets. why the ski season is prime time for two bay area girls to help others. be
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and clothing that gets lost on the slopes?
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do you ever wonder what happens to all the ski gear and he could thing that's lost on the slopes? two walnut creek teenagers came up with an idea that snowballs you made say and as sharon chin reports, it earned them this week's jefferson award. reporter: 13-year-old best friends corinne hindes and katrine kirsebom unload a special delivery for walnut creek's homeless, warm jackets, sweater, hats and gloves. they help chelce nolan survive when he was on the streets. >> really, it's the difference between staying reasonably comfortable and being miserable. reporter: katrine and corinne created a service group k & c cares three years ago when they were 11 in the 6th grade. they had a creative idea. why not collect items people lose at ski resorts and donate them to the homeless? corinne said they wanted to do something good. >> we used to walk down the street and see all these
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homeless people and they didn't really have very warm attire on. >> reporter: katrine says the idea for collecting lost and found clothes from ski resorts came after she lost something herself. >> i lost my wallet or something. and i went to the lost and found, they brought out this huge box of wallets and i was like, really? i realized people must leave a lot of things. >> reporter: the girls began to scoop up a blizzard of clothes and equipment that no one claimed for 30 days. at the peak of ski season, the girls haul home several trash bags of donations a month from each of four resorts, heavenly, kirkwood, northstar and sugar bowl. the pair donates usable competition gore to carson high school ski team this nevada. the 8th graders also bring clothes once or twice a month to the working poor at trinity center and deacon's cottage in walnut creek. >> i really like to walk down the street and see people
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wearing the things we gave them. >> reporter: corinne and katrine have given away hundreds of winter clothes since 2011. trinity's acting executive director can't say enough things. >> my gosh, if i just had an army of them, we could really change the world. >> reporter: k&c care is growing. a new volunteer gathers and gives donations in reno. looking ahead, the girls hope one thing stays the same, serving side by side. >> that's maybe the best part that we get to do it together. it's wonderful knowing that there's somewhere there who you care about and you know cares about you, there to support you and help you. >> reporter: so for reaching out to share and care for low- income families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to corinne hindes and katrine kirsebom. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and if you would like to help connect with them, using the long online at just click the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson award. and we'll be right back.
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global explosion in diabetes. now a drastic recommendation for restrictions. what some say should be the next the research is already blaming sugar for a global explosion in diabetes and now a drastic recommendation for restrictions. what some say should be the next step to cut sugar consumption. that and more at 5:00. now here's a chance to
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spend more than a year alone with your spouse. >> wow. >> that sounds good. [ laughter ] >> okay. it's an out-of-this-world adventure, too. former nasa engineer dennis tito wants to send a husband and wife to mars in five years. he was the first tourist to pay for a ride into space. his latest plan is for a flight that could last 16 months and put a couple in orbit around mars. >> does that come with an escape pod? >> you might need it. >> a confined space with your spouse for 16 months? >> that would be hard for anybody. >> see if they come back married. >> no kidding. >> captions by: caption colorado
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>> bill: it may be just what you need. i'm sure it's what eric needs. >> brooke: me? >> bill: yes, you! he's running that company with a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears kids. >> brooke: rick and thomas aren't exactly kids. >> bill: they don't have your experience. >> brooke: well, that's true. >> bill: and you could use a distraction. >> brooke: my daughter could use a distraction. >> bill: okay, great. get hope involved. have eric amp up hope for the future. >> bill: look, brooke... you fought the good fight. and you know how much i respect that. but you have to let it go. liam and steffy are together.
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they're having a baby. they are a couple. you have to accept that. >> brooke: i just wonder if they would be a couple if steffy weren't pregnant. >> steffy: next week sounds great. yeah, we'll, uh, we'll meet at the condo. okay, charlotte? great. bye. >> steffy: it's official. i am listing the condo. >> liam: big move. >> steffy: maybe a few months ago, but not anymore. this is our home now, liam. our home. wow, what a day. i had my first ultrasound. i got to see our baby, hear his heartbeat. >> liam: his heartbeat? >> steffy: well, his or hers. whatever. >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> steffy: i'm just happy i was able to share it with you. something i was fantasizing for a while now. i just didn't want to -- i don't want to trap you. that's all. >> liam: have i given you the

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